Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mixed emotions!

It’s with mixed emotions that I report that we have all returned home safely to Australia from our Short Term Mission trip to Ethiopia 2011!  We had an absolutely amazing trip and saw God at work over and over again.  We’re really glad to be back in Australia – definitely the best country in the world (no bias whatsoever!).  But, it’s also sad knowing that the adventure is over for a little while.  I’ve only been home for a few hours and I already miss the team!  I’ve attached our last team photo from the airport in Thailand. 

I’m so proud of our team!  They rode the ups and the downs of the trip with amazing courage and are a true inspiration.  God did some amazing things on this trip, both on a personal level, and on a team level.  If you get a chance, grab someone from the trip and ask them to share a highlight with you – you’ll hear some great stories! 

We may post one or two more entries with some specific stories or photo’s to show some of what we got up to, but this is the last official post of the Ethiopia Mission Trip 2011 blog.  Thanks for following along on our journey.  We hope that the stories and experiences we’ve shared have provoked a response from you!  We serve an amazing God with an amazing plan for each and every one of us. 

All glory to God for the great things He’s done!


The Team.

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