Thursday, October 6, 2011

What a blast in Thailand!

Well we had a fantastic time in Thailand!  To break the return trip up into manageable bites, we had a full day and night in Thailand.  We stayed at the First Hotel which is very conveniently located nearby MBK and the Platinum Centre – two huge shopping centre’s with ‘authentic’ name brand clothing, technology etc. 


If God hadn’t called our family to Ethiopia, I reckon we’d be doing more mission in Thailand.  What a beautiful country!  92% of the population are Buddhist so there’s a huge mission field there.  By far my favourite thing was getting to ride and feed an elephant!  They are amazing creatures.  So huge, but so gentle with us. 


We also had a tour through a Coconut Farm and got to buy some natural coconut products and we were able to experience the famous Floating Markets. 


All in all, a great stop over! 

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