Thursday, September 22, 2011

Compassion Child Survival Program

Hi Everyone, Andrea here.
You are probably getting sick of hearing how beautiful the children are here but I have to say it again. 'The children are beautiful here' :D
Today we visited a Child survival program and it was just wonderful to see 35 healthy Mothers and 36 healthy Babies,  there was 1 set of gorgeous twins.
I am so impressed with all the Compassion projects we have seen here so far. The staff are genuinely kind and caring people with a real love of God and the work that He has lead them to, they believe whole-heartedly in what Compassion are doing and are so grateful for the support from people and churches around the world


  1. Oh MY Goodness those eys are enchanting... Love it ... Love that God has allowed you to be there and us to follow along.. as Amaris says.. 'virtually" brilliant.. hugs again for all.. Off on our anniversary weekend soon.. YAY!!

  2. Darling baby. How marvellous is this experience and how beautiful.