Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Well we have been off the grid for a few days getting settled at The Grace Centre.  It is so great to be back here serving again.  The people traveling in the Van for over 8 hours had a long and bumpy but very safe trip and those of us who flew enjoyed the short 40 minute flight :) We are being well looked after here and everyone has a job to do which is great.  Abeba and Matilda are having a blast at one of USA volunteers home with our old washing lady Asmare which is so wonderful for them.  The team are off doing house kids right now which is so rewarding for them and then this afternoon we are celebrating Meskel.  The team will be able to also blog tonight with the photos from the house kits which will be great but here is a photo of some of the AID that we bought here for the Grace Centre.  Thanks so much to Jason and Janelle for donating towards the formula and also thanks to Russel and Lyndell Schloss's home group for donating money which we used to purchase a cd and tape player that Grace needs.  We couldn't give like we do with out all the support you all give. THANKS SO MUCH.
Over and out - back on here again tonight so stay tuned :)


PS: Love you Mum and Dad - Sarah, Pete and the kids xo

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  1. That is all so fantastic Guys.. So glad that the trip is achieving all that God has planned... Have missed the blog over the last coupel o fdays so gald you are back on blogging.. Please hug my girls for me.

    Aunty Grandma.......