Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two babies born today!!!!

An exciting day for babies in the Grace family today as two of the ladies who have been receiving care gave birth this morning. Unfortunately they had gone off to the hospital before we knew they were in labour. They both had healthy babies, the first a girl, followed by a beautiful boy. It was such a priviledge to be able to go with Sister Abu to check on the post partum ladies who were in the labour ward and another ward.

This was an experience I will never forget. The paint chipped iron beds were blood stained, rusty and the mattresses were only covered by a dirty looking vinyl cover. No sheets, pillows, water jugs, pads, cots nappies etc to be seen. The ladies were lying in their very soilded clothes they wore in, which was probably their only set of clothes, so were more like rags.
It was such a joy to be able to provide a bundle of new clothes for both mother and baby and some basic necessities ie sheet, soap, baby wrap, paw paw cream, water bottle and some vitamins to help these poor ladies manage their newborns in their simple one room mud huts.

Grace not only paid for the deliveries, items used ie gloves and medicines, but for the transport home- a bajaj (tuk tuk), only hours after delivery. I accompainied one lady home, and it was a very painful expeerience for her bumping over all the pot holes and rocks enroute.


  1. oh my GOODNESS...what an amazing privilidge.....

  2. I'll bet Suzie is in her element.