Friday, September 23, 2011

Selam steals our hearts

Today we went to Kora which is part of Ethiopia Mission and is associated with the Guest home we are staying at.  Here they make beads and then necklaces to sell and keep employment.  I blogged earlier a photo of my girls with a little girl called Selam that we met at Kora.  She was there again today and we had a new little outfit for her.  Once it was on her she began singing and strutting her stuff for us all.  What a wonderful moment.  She was such a cutie that is for sure.  With aid money we are able to support this project by improving the lights in the rooms they work in and by purchasing some much needed furniture.  Wonderful day all round.

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  1. You guys have done a marvellous job preparing for this opportunity. God is sure rewarding your consistency and faithfulness.